After a 30 year struggle to lose his excess weight, William Banting found a way to lose 1.5 to 2.5kg (3.5 to 5.5lb) each month, including carbs.

Eating 4 meals a day, William lost 23kg (50lb) in a little over 12 months, and he never had a weight problem ever again for the rest of his life.

'In my humble judgment, the dietary is the principal point in the treatment of Corpulence, (Corpulence is Excess Weight) and it appears to me, moreover, that if properly regulated it becomes in a certain sense a medicine'.

William Banting
(April, 1864)

William wrote a book about how he lost his excess weight, and The Banting System helped thousands of people around the world, a new medical word Bantingism was added to the dictionary, and it's still there today.

This table below is from American Medical Professor Dr George A. Bray's 'Classics in Obesity', published in 1993. His colleague Dr. Catherine Champagne analysed William Banting's average daily diet and came up with these numbers below.

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My name's Marc Edward Jarman, William Banting is my 4 Great's Grandfather, on my Dad's side of the family, here's my family tree.

That book William wrote is regarded by many as the first weight loss diet book ever written, I think it's definitely the first sustainable weight loss diet book ever written, here's why:

The 15kg (33lb) weight I lost above is secondary to the effortless 1.5 to 2.5kg (3.5 to 5.5lb) monthly weight loss system I found in the final 3 months of those 12 months, a system so simple, effective and sustainable, it's basically a modern day version of William's 4 meals a day, (carbs included) Banting diet.

William first wrote his book Letter on Corpulence in May, 1863, he initially gave it away to anyone who wanted help reducing their weight, William paid for the printing costs himself until the demand for his book became too great.

After going on sale, his book sold 50,000 copies in only the first 8 months, and that was just in the UK, William's book was then distributed throughout France, Germany and the United States, if you were following 'The Banting System' you were simply 'Banting'.

I've now simplified William's book into an easy 5-10 minute read below, the third edition, simply read the underlined comments and phrases, I found them extremely valuable. I've also written 'today words' next to old words not used anymore, see William's 12 Month Weight Loss Timeline outlined on page 29, I've converted his weight, recorded in lb, into kg too, download a pdf copy here.

This photo below is my Dad, (Syd) William's 3 Greats Grandson.

Like William, Dad struggled with his weight for a lot of his life too, but where William found a solution to his weight problem in his 60's, my Dad didn't, he had a heart attack and died when he was 57, in 2002, my Banting work is all about prevention.

I'm writing a follow up to William's book, it's called The True Banting Diet, the public have been mislead about how William lost his excess weight.

My book is going to be a truthful account of William's diet, how I've now made it work for me, and how it could work for you too.

The True Banting Diet will be a free ebook download, follow my social media to keep updated.