You Know You've Made An Impact If Your Name Enters The Dictionary, In William Banting's Case, As A Medical Word For Dietary Weight Loss.

I think this definition would be more accurate today if high and low were higher and lower, read it from the perspective that you're comparing William's new weight loss diet to his previous diet.

After Trying For 30 Years To Lose His Excess Weight, William Banting Found A Way To Lose 23kg (50lb) In A Little Over 12 Months, And Never Had A Weight Problem Ever Again.

A true version of William's sustainable weight loss diet is much needed today, (following Recommended Dietary Guidelines) for Simple Excess Weight, (Not Type 2 Diabetes), William didn't have any form of diabetes, he was simply overweight and then obese, William is also my 4 Greats Grandfather.

I'm calling how William lost his excess weight, True Banting, or Banting Balance, his weight loss diet still included a piece of bread with 2 of his 4 daily meals, his afternoon tea meal was fruit, he actually included fruit in 2 of his 4 daily meals as well, 3 if you include the grapes found in red wine as fruit...


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