William Banting Ate Grains Every Day

I think one of the problems associated with the Food Guide Pyramid have been some of the images used in them, for example: Grains: (6-11 servings a day) There’s a picture of a plate of pasta, a loaf of bread, a bowl of rice, and others.

I think a better way to go would’ve been to provide pictures of what 1 serving size is, e.g. 1 piece of bread, 1/2 cup cooked rice, 30g uncooked oats etc. (image 2, 6 servings wholegrains)

I’m a fatten easily person and 6 standard size servings of wholegrains a day didn’t increase my weight, it actually played a part in lowering it back to inside a normal BMI weight range. (See 15 day food experiment 3 rows down, second half of last month, November)

I’ve heard some nutrition experts talk about flipping the food guide pyramid on its head, making fats and oils the new base, but sweets are part of that group too, pretty sure soft drinks (and other sugar loaded drinks), added sugar, chocolate, donuts and foods like that are a significant part of the obesity/excess weight global health problem, those foods were one of the biggest problem areas in my own diet.


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ps. I was eating a lot more than 6 servings of grains a day when I was a kid, (one of my nickname’s was Fatty) I’m not sure what an ideal low number is for females and children with bodies who grains (wholegrains) are ok for, it’s clear they were ok for William Banting, he still ate bread/toast/rusks every day.