Banting Diet Implementation

If you answer 'yes' to one or more of these questions my Banting Diet Implementation program might help you too, I lost between 1.5kg and 2.5kg each month (3.5lb and 5.5lb) eating this diet, effortlessly.

    1. Would you like to lose some excess weight, keeping carbs in your diet?

    2. Are you time poor?

    3. Are you spending a lot of money on food?

    4. Would you like to spend less money on food?

    5. Would you like to be taught how to make great tasting, simple, healthy, low cost meals that don't increase your weight?

My weekly food spend now is around $100, (it used to be around $150 most weeks) I eat 4 meals a day, with variety, and my meals are great tasting, simple, healthy and weight reducing.

To give you an example, these two photos below, the meal being made is my Banting wrap mix, I make 15 meals in 30 minutes, and including the wraps and rice, each meal costs less than $3 each, and they're delicious, everyone who's eaten one says the same thing.

Important Note: My Mum's in the second photo, she's not interested in losing any weight, she simply likes my Banting meals and wanted me to show her how I make them.


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