Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was William Banting's profession?

In William's own words, he was "Cabinetmaker, Upholsterer, and Decorator to the (British) Royal Family".

William Banting had already retired from professional life by the time he lost his excess weight at the age of 65, but much has been spoken about his profession being an undertaker. If you do a William Banting google search, it's the first thing it says about William on Wikipedia, this is incorrect, as William points out in the complete fourth edition of his Letter on Corpulence book, published in 1869.

Four years earlier, in 1865, German medical professor Felix von Niemeyer did a Banting presentation to a king in one part of Germany, William included Professor Niemeyer's speech in the fourth edition of his book, correcting a few of the Professor's comments throughout it, see this below passage, William clarifies his profession in the final paragraph.


2. How long have you known you were related to William Banting?

I've known since I was a teenager that William Banting was at the top of my family tree, I used to stay at my Grandparents home on weekends pretty regularly for a few years in the mid 1990's, it was after we moved to a suburb about 20 minutes away by car from where I grew up on the Gold Coast, in Australia.

That's when I first saw my Grandmother's family tree, (Gran's name was Faith) Dad's Mum. At the top of the piece of paper it said, William Banting (of diet fame), I was around 15 years old and remember thinking to myself, 'He must have written a diet book', I didn't know the significance of it at the time.

The family tree piece of paper was actually inside the Bible of Emily Frew, my Grandmother's Grandmother, (William Banting's Granddaughter) here's the note Emily's brother William Bickham Banting wrote inside the Bible, in 1875.

Here's a photocopy of the family tree, each direct family member is numbered 1 to 7, William Banting is obviously number 1. I've written a short summary to connect a few dots, and also hidden the names of all living family members except for my Mum and myself.

And this is the inside cover of the Bible.

Going back now to when I first saw my family tree, this was the mid 1990's, Google didn't start until 1998, and I didn't have a computer until the early 2000's.

It wasn't until December 2008 when a family member came across our family tree again and they googled William Banting's name and found out more about him, they then told me about him.

I found William's Letter on Corpulence book online and linked it to my Improvement After Movement website, my I AM work has now evolved into this:

I thought I added William's book to my website in 2009, if it wasn't 2009 it was definitely in 2010 because that is when I created my own PDF version of Letter on Corpulence, my birthday is August 22, see below.

The first domain name I bought for my Banting work was on August 15, 2012, one week before my birthday.

Bantingism was the formal name of William's movement, the definition is still in the dictionary today. (William is one of only three men to have their name put in the dictionary)

I actually bought the domain name while I had my feet up (literally) after having foot surgery to repair a ruptured ligament I'd had in my right foot for 13 years, a foot injury that was continually misdiagnosed since I was 17, see the domain name 'Creation Date' below.


3. Is The Diet the same as South Africa's Banting Diet?

No, The Banting Diet here is directly modelled on William Banting's four meals a day diet, for excess weight and obesity treatment, as well as on-going weight management, that is The Banting Diet.

It's very important to note that after losing a total of 23kg (50lb) in a little over 12 months, (around 0.5kg or 1lb a week weight loss) William Banting lived the rest of his life never having a weight problem ever again, all because of his four meals a day (carbs included) Banting diet, which William continually describes in his book as a 'system' of eating, 9 times he uses the word 'system' to describe his diet.

The South African Banting diet, (also known as Keto) lead by Professor Tim Noakes, is actually a diet for diabetes management, Professor Noakes has Type 2 diabetes and found that the best way to manage his diabetes is by eating an almost 'No' carbohydrate diet, here's a direct quote from one of Professor Noakes presentations, he said to himself, 'Never another carbohydrate in my life', Professor Noakes went on to say, 'I eat 25 grams of carbohydrate a day, maximum, and I cannot eat 26 or 27 or 28, and that's the key'. (25g is next to nothing)

Where Professor Noakes calls his diet today LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat), I think it would be better called NCHF (No Carb, High Fat). If you take a closer look at Professor Noakes name you will see it's the perfect name for his diet to be called, The Noakes Diet, (The No Carb Diet) and that's what South African Banting is going to be referred to as on, respectfully, The Noakes Diet, or The Noakes/Keto Diet.

The Noakes Diet is a completely different diet to The Banting Diet, Professor Noakes only eats one or two meals a day, where William Banting ate four meals a day, like clockwork. One or two of William's meals had bread in them, (not allowed in The Noakes Diet) William also ate fruit daily, it was his third meal, The Noakes Diet doesn't permit eating fruit daily, it should only be eaten from time to time, as a treat.

William wasn't diabetic, the word diabetes or diabetic isn't mentioned once in the first 3 editions of his book Letter on Corpulence, (Corpulence simply means Excess Weight) where the words obesity, corpulence, corpulent and corpulency is mentioned 41 times in his book, 42 times if you include the name of the book.

Where William is known as the father of the low carbohydrate diet, I think Professor Noakes should be known as the father of the no carbohydrate diet.

The South African guys know I'm around, (I picked up the mother of one of their consultant's driving Uber in late 2018) since then they've renamed their inaccurate 'Banting in 50 words' definition, (might be a coincidence) here's what it used to be, then further below, what it is now, (unless it's been changed).

Anywhere their website reads Banting/Keto should be renamed Noakes/Keto, because firstly, Banting/Keto is completely incorrect and misleading. And secondly, a massive disservice is being done to William Banting, Professor Noakes, and the greater community.

Lastly, I recently sent a note to Professor Noakes Foundation introducing myself.


3. Why are you now focusing so much attention on The Banting Diet?

The biggest reason is because I've figured out how to lose 1.5kg to 2.5kg (3.5lb to 5.5lb) each month, effortlessly, (including carbs) based on William's sustainable four meals a day diet. I've been wanting to do more with my Banting work for years, I just haven't known how to.

I have a finance background, and in May 2018 I started building a budgeting app called Your Spending.

When I was looking at my bank statements I saw I was spending around $150 a week on food, across all areas, supermarket, fast food, coffee houses, service stations.

It took me by surprise, it probably shouldn't have as I weighed over 100kg (224lb).

With my budgeting app, it works best when you put down a set amount of money each week for expenses, and what I put down for food going forward was $100 a week, so around $50 a week less than I had been spending most weeks. (FYI: $50 a week is $2,600 a year, a fair bit of money)

I actually went to my bank and set up a brand new bank account, (a no fee account) had a new debit card linked to the account and called it my 'Food' account. I started living on $100 a week for food, and at the time, I didn't make too many changes other than to reduce the amount of money I was spending on fast food.

Basically, instead of buying a McDonald's meal and McFlurry for around $20, I only bought a burger and kept going. I didn't mind a donut or 3 every now and again either, washed down with flavoured milk, this pretty much stopped with my weekly dollar cap.

What I found was, by living out of $100 a week I lost 6kg (13lb) in 4 months, I remember weighing in the 95kg's, (210lb) but that's where I stopped losing weight, eating the food I was eating at the time.

Because I drive Uber it was so easy to just stop in and get something quick to eat. Uber is a big part of my reason for focusing so much attention on The Banting Diet now, here's why.

I don't use the Uber passenger app very much, mostly it's only when I have to get my car serviced and need a ride back to my office where I work, and then to get back to the mechanic to pick my car up. I remember seeing an ad for Uber Eats at the bottom of the Uber passenger app a few times when I'd order a ride, and one day it hit me that Uber and Uber Eats were cross marketing their services, linking transportation and food.

Not long after seeing the Uber Eats ad on the Uber passenger app what came to mind was the Banting side of my work, that I had an equivalent service to offer the public along with my Your Spending service, and that's when I really went to work on reading William's book again and implementing his 4 meals a day diet in my life, to start dropping my weight below my 95kg (210lb) plateau.

So basically, where Uber links transportation and food with Uber and Uber Eats, I'm linking finances and food with Your Spending and The Banting Diet, I've found that a lot of people who are overeating are also overspending, I know I was. I've now come across a lot of other people who are doing the same thing too.

Figuring out and modernising William's 4 meals a day diet wasn't a straight-forward process for me, my weight didn't continually reduce like William's did, I actually lost 7kg and then put 5kg of it back on, because I wasn't doing what William did to lose his weight, and that was eating a little more carbs in my diet, once I corrected this one part of my diet I was on my way.

You will learn all about it in my new ebook Banting for Prevention, which will be free to download right here at in the coming months.